Testimonial 27

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Jaron Smith

Hello, I absolutely LOVE your extra long nursing short sleeve tee! I ordered two, found they were all I wanted to wear, then ordered two more - so I wasn't doing laundry everyday! I wear a size large, and I LOVE the fit. The length of the body, the length of the overlay, and the length of the short sleeves are PERFECT. Also the shoulder width across is perfect, too. (So often other companies grade the shoulder width across too much for size large). I used to work in the clothing design/manufacturing industry, so I know how important feedback is on the fit. Also, I will compare you guys to one of your competitors: "Boob". I have a "Boob" t-shirt - similar in look to yours - and it is also extra long, so a great length. However, your fit, fabric, and design are far more superior! The fabric is softer and more comfortable, the overlay is a much better length, and the design of your shirt - with both front layers attached at the neckline and holes to nurse - is MUCH BETTER than the "Boob" design of having the overlay sit on top of the main front body; it can look rumpled with the elastic top on the underlay. I will definitely tell all my nursing friends about your tees, you are doing a great job, and I wish you the best of luck and much success!

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