Testimonial 25

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Vincent Poirier

I just love ordering from Momzelle. You make me feel so special. In the package I just received you enclosed a hand written note. Amazing. My first order with you was for my daughter in law. It was a congratulations gift to her on the arrival of my first grandchild. I expressed concern that I won’t have the gift in hand prior to my going to visit them and you rushed my order out and then followed with an email to see if I got it before leaving on my trip…..AND inside my package was a hand written note wishing me joy meeting my grandson. My first top took a full two weeks to arrive so I ordered this one with that in mind. It arrived on the fourth business day after I placed the order….nice surprise. My daughter is now thinking of becoming a Mom and no doubt, she will be a Momzelle fan as well. So I look forward to our days ahead making these two special women in my life happy. You can count me as one of your American customers that is a big fan. Keep you the great work,

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